Melawan Sugesti Negatif: Generasi Micin

Even your compliment sounds like an insult. Of course, words are the source of misunderstandings. *** Pernah mendengar istilah peradaban micin? Mungkin kalian akrab dengan postingan yang berbunyi seperti ini: Peduli dibilang caper. Sensitif dibilang baper. Perhatian dibilang modus. Susah emang punya empati di peradaban yang kebanyakan makan micin. Unknown Kali pertama membaca postingan di …

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There is something special about yourself when someone trusts you. To them, you are a good person who will always say the truth, will keep your promises, and will keep their secret even though they know exactly that their secret is unimportant at all for you. So, have you ever realize how precious you are? …

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