The Good in Goodbye


Honestly, I’ve fed up with these tests. But, I do believe that sometime in the future, I will miss the last days at school so bad… So, I put a smile on my face, laugh a lot, and enjoy makin’ memories with these people. Yeah, these people. The ones that I call: friends. I’ve spent about three years here, I’ve met hundreds of schoolmates, I’ve talked with dozens of students, but I’ve been being into few people. Friends. I mean, the real ones who stay by my side endlessly.

I won’t write how we can meet,
How we can be friends,
Or how I can into ’em.

I’m about writin’ something else. So, keep goin’ Dude. Keep readin’ this.

Three years ago, I decided to move away to continue study in this city. Guess what? Right, I moved to forget a lot of things that I need to forget as soon as possible. I moved to meet new faces, new world, and of course, new hopes. I moved to be happier, far more than I could ever be.

So, at these building called “school”, I met someone.

Who have just known the meaning of injustice,
The meaning of integrity,
The meaning of solidarity,
The good in being insult,
The requirement of losing something, something important.

Who have found the best squads ever,
The real passion and dreams,
The requirement of letting go,
And who have been being lived the days with millions of hopes.

I write this to reminisce all the struggle that I’ve been through in last three years, to remind me that I’m strong enough at least until now, and to keep in my mind that I’ve people in my heart. Perhaps I don’t say “I hate separation!” or “I don’t wanna hear about the farewell party!” in this writing. But, I strongly believe that as you’re readin’ this writing, you’re seein’ how hard I am to say goodbye… To you.

The words above are the mixture of tirin’ of school, borin’ of being hurt, and also love, hope, and gratefulness.

Our time is running out
So let me tell you a secret
Whatever I show to the world
The truth is I’ve been into you, I’ll still into you
Now your turn to tell me a secret
Cause our time is running out

Four weeks until the farewell party, Fellas.


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