New Year (Again)

Wohooo. Should we excited now? Of course, yes!!!

2017 is the last year at senior high school. I absolutely believe that I will really miss my best friends (read: my partner in crime and success) and all the things we have been through. We went to the zoo cinema, restaurant, mall, Tabot Festival, and so on~ We talked about everything, shared good things to each other, and laughed until we cried. And yes, one of the best parts is when we fought, wkwk. I am so glad to know them. By the way, does someone have a tissue?

2017 is the year for national examination a.k.a UN (again), pfft. Should I ask you what I have to choose for it? Is it physics, chemistry, or biology? Tell me, tell me right now! Our time is running out!!! Simmer down bcoz I know what I hafta pick, hahaha. I mean, perhaps.

2017 is also the year for being a freshman! Honestly, I doubt to excited about it. Yes, forget it.

Well, after all this time, I am grateful because I know what I wanna be, what I wanna do, and where I wanna go when I grow up… Trust me, I am happy knowing about it. Of course, there are a lot of goals that I must be done. Fighting!

I also have a lot of regrets for 2016. Come on… It is better to know that we have made a mistake, right? And what should we do besides accept it and promise to ourselves that sometime in the future it will never happen again? Hehehe.

OKAY, OKAY, I deserve to be happy because I know there is always a happy tomorrow. All the best prayers for our future, fellas. See you at the top! (;


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