There is something special about yourself when someone trusts you. To them, you are a good person who will always say the truth, will keep your promises, and will keep their secret even though they know exactly that their secret is unimportant at all for you. So, have you ever realize how precious you are?

You know, some people will stop trusting you if you break their trust once. But neither will I.

I will keep trusting you for your first lie to me.
For the second time, you break your promises.
For the third time, you do not keep my secret.

And after that, I am done.

If you say patience has no limit, I will agree with you. It is not a patience if someone still complains, gets sad or gets mad. But, if you say trust also has no limit… You have already known my answer. :’D

The last but not least, Fellas, be grateful if there are so many people trust you. Please do not ever make them regret trusting you.



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